Terms and conditions as intermediary of holiday country houses, villas and apartments

Dear Customer,

Please read the following terms and conditions of Villas4rent Majorca, Holiday Home Rental intermediary, carefully. They contain information on the legal relationship between you, the customer and us, your holiday home intermediary. Each customer accepts the terms and conditions of the reservation on behalf of himself and those travelling with him.

The function of an intermediary

Villas4rent Majorca runs the internet portal www.villas4rent-majorca.com  which provides the lease agreements between the customer and the owner or the property manager. The contracting party for the customer is therefore the owner of the property or the property manager and not Villas4rent Majorca. As an extra service to customers, villas4rentmajorca present on their website offers from other service providers. By using these services, villas4rentmajorca is not the provider of those services. The customer makes an independent contract with the respective service providers and must therefore adhere to their terms and conditions. By submitting the booking request the client is asking us to act as intermediary to provide a rental contract between himself (the client) and the owner/property manager.

Booking Procedure

The information contained on the website does not constitute a binding rental offer. It is rather an invitation to the customer to make an offer to enter into a contract with the owner or property manager. The customer must submit the requested data onto the online booking form and actively send it to villas4rentmajorca. Hereby the customer offers to the owner / property manager, represented by villas4rentmajorca, the finalization of his rental enquiry. A booking request can only be made and accepted in written format. After sending the booking request the request is binding for 3 days in which time villas4rentmajorca will forward a rental agreement  to the client. If villas4rentmajorca do not forward the contract within this time, the client is not obliged to accept the contract.
A contract is formed by the acceptance and approval of the owner / property manager. With this villas4rentmajorca forwards to the customer the booking confirmation in the name of whom holds legal authority which is either the owner or property manager. The customer is obliged to review all of the booking details sent to him for any possible errors or discrepancies. The customer has a period of 3 days from receipt of the contract to advise of any changes referring to the contract. After this period villas4rentmajorca cannot ensure that changes can be made. Cancellation of contract by the customer is excluded in this case.

Payments and travel documentation

By signing the contract the customer has a deposit to pay according to the amount agreed in the contract. The deposit must be paid immediately and the amount must be credited within a time period of 7 days to the account of villas4rentmajorca. The deposit will be credited toward the total price. With short-term bookings, made less than 6 weeks prior to occupancy, the total price must be paid at the time of reservation. In accordance with the terms and conditions the final balance is due to be paid 6 to 4 weeks prior to occupancy. If the balance is not received within the above stated time, the owner / property manager will issue a reminder the customer with a final date for payment. If the customer then does not respect the revised conditions of payment the owner / property manager is entitles to cancel the contract (see 5 - Cancellation by the customer, cancellation fees, transfers) Upon receipt of full payment of the balance, the customer will receive the travel documents (driving instructions, information on key collection, etc.) villas4rentmajorca is authorized to activate debt collection on behalf of the owner /property manager within terms of payments with respect to the non- payment of deposit payment, cancellation charges, and in few cases the final balance payments. The total price includes the fee of intermediary activity performed by villas4rentmajorca.

4th Cancellation by the customer, cancellation fees, transfers

The customer can withdraw from the contract at any time prior to occupancy. The receipt of the notice of cancellation must be sent to villas4rentmajorca (acting on behalf of the owner / property manager) and must be given in writing.

The fee for cancellation is:

  • Up to 90 days prior to occupancy 30% of the total rental price
  • Up to 60 days prior to occupancy 50% of the total rental price 
  • Up to 30 days prior to occupancy 75% of the total rental price
  • From 29 days prior to occupancy 90% of the total rental price

The customer is entitled in the event of a withdrawal from contract, to put forward one or more replacement tenants, who must enter into an agreement and fulfill all the rights and obligations in the contract. This requires that villas4rentmajorca is informed of such changes prior to occupancy and this advice must be given in writing. In the case of cancellation / re booking, and for the revision of a lease (e.g change of tenancy, the tenant number, or the tenant's name) a charge of 50 Euros is to be paid to villas4rentmajorca as an administration processing fee. We recommend completion of travel insurance.

5th Force Majeure

Compensation will not be payable if we are forced to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any way due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control (force majeure).These include war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity and its consequences, acts of God, natural disaster (including earthquakes, floods and volcanic activity – eruptions – resulting ash), or nuclear disaster, fire or explosions, adverse weather conditions, epidemics, pandemics, unavoidable technical problems with transport, any labor disputes (including but not limited to strikes and industrial action), collapse of building, structures or any other circumstances beyond our control. If the client or one of the travelers are in breach of contract to a large extent, the landlord may, or villas4rentmajorca as its agent, are entitles to cancel the contract. This is especially true in cases of gross negligence or willful damage to the rental property and the inventory.

6th Obligations of the Customer

If the customer becomes aware of any discrepancies relating to the lease - usually defects which are conspicuous at the property and any other defects of the lease - the landlord must be notified immediately. Should the customer wish to report any discrepancies this should be done during the travel period, and will not be valid thereafter and a claim cannot be made against the landlord or owner at a later date.
The client is obliged to report anything to villas4rentmajorca to allow any issues to be resolved during the stay. The holiday property must be occupied only by persons specified in the lease. In the event of overcrowding, the landlord is entitled to claim an additional reasonable fee for the period of overcrowding. The unspecified people must leave the accommodation immediately.
The customer and his traveling companions agree to treat the accommodation with care and report any damage incurred during the rental period, as soon as possible.
Pets are allowed, if this is agreed upon by contract.
The customer is obliged to leave the house broom clean and tidy.

7th Liability of VFRM

villas4rentmajorca is only liable for defects in its advisory or agency services. For the services provided regarding the property and any contracted services, the landlord or owner is liable not villas4rentmajorca. The individual pieces of information available on the website are based on information provided by the landlord /property manager. Villas4rentmajorca Endeavour to ensure that this information is published in a current, complete and correct manner. The same applies to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any other third party content. Geographic information especially maps give an approximate location of the property and are to be used as guidance to the area not an exact location. Decisive directions are the only details that are included in the booking confirmation.

8th Final Provisions

The contractual relationship between the customer and villas4rentmajorca is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Jurisdiction for general merchants, legal persons under public or private, or for persons having their domicile or habitual residence abroad, the jurisdiction of villas4rentmajorca prevails.

If any of the above terms are or become invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the remaining terms. The invalid terms shall be replaced by a valid term and adjusted in a suitable manner..

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